Managed Services

At accountsassist, we provide corporate administration services (Managed Services) to a variety of commercial entities and special purpose vehicles. We are particularly experienced in providing Irish and international business seeking to establish operations in Ireland with an outsourced finance function.

As international businesses set out to establish a presence in Ireland, accountsassist’s team of experts can assist in:

– providing all the services that you would expect from a dedicated finance function

– complying with all the local legal, regulatory, financial and fiscal obligations


In doing so, we work closely with our local network of lawyers, auditors and other service providers in order to provide you with excellent quality and to insure legal compliance requirements.

As for all of the services we provide, we will collaborate closely with you to agree the detailed schedule of services that you require, thereby ensuring that you only pay for what you need.


We can also provide our partners with:

– Trading Address Facility

– Administrative Back up

– Credit Control Function

– Board Room Facility

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